Following many years building and operating industrial businesses, Timucuan’s founders formed the firm in order to preserve and grow assets for future generations. More than thirty years later, Timucuan manages $1.7 billion for select clients, including the firm’s founding family, high-net-worth individuals, multi-family offices, pension funds, and foundations. A Registered Investment Advisor since 1988, Timucuan maintains offices in Jacksonville and Sarasota, Florida. The following concepts are central to Timucuan’s investment approach:

Disciplined Investing

We believe that an intensive research effort can produce exceptional investment returns. We use a fundamental approach focused on identifying, evaluating, and investing in individual businesses that meet our criteria. We seek companies with enduring advantages that are well managed, and wait patiently to commit capital at attractive prices.

Alignment of Interests

Client capital is invested alongside the capital of Timucuan’s founders and investment professionals in the same concentrated portfolio.

Capital Preservation and Growth

Our investment philosophy and objectives have been consistent throughout Timucuan’s history. We endeavor first to preserve capital, and then to grow it. Since our founding, Timucuan has outperformed the S&P 500 index. Our outperformance has been most pronounced in down markets in accordance with our primary objective – capital preservation.